Thanks to all the kind citizens of Castle Rock, friends and neighbors who helped gather signatures and spread the word. It is only through you that our referendum petition was supported by 2,657 signatures.


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The town of Castle Rock posted "Town receives referendum petition related to open carry ordinance", read entire article.
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Town of Castle Rock Municipal Code

9.04.165 Open carry of firearms. It is unlawful for any person, except law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties, to openly carry a firearm in any Town-owned or -operated building, or on any Town-owned or -operated park, recreation area or property upon which the Town Manager has directed to be posted a notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited. (Ord. 2003-41 §1, 2003)

Town receives referendum petition related to open carry ordinance

The Town on Feb. 26 received a petition to reverse Town Council’s decision to allow the open carry of firearms in all Town-owned or controlled properties.

Council in late January voted to approve ordinance No. 2014-03, which repealed language in Town Code prohibiting firearms on Town-owned property, such as municipal buildings and parks. The Town Code gives the Town Manager authority to prohibit firearms in those locations. In practice, that means firearms are prohibited in most Town-owned parks and most Town-owned municipal buildings. That Code language had been in place since 2003, and Town Council passed an ordinance to repeal it on Jan. 28.

That repeal ordinance (No. 2014-03) would have gone into effect on Feb. 27, or 30 days after Council’s vote. With the submission of this referendum petition, the repeal ordinance is on hold, so firearms are still prohibited in most Town-owned municipal buildings and most Town-owned parks, as established in 2003.

The referendum process, outlined by state statute and authorized by Town Charter, allows individuals to gather signatures to require Town Council to rescind an ordinance or put it to a public vote. For that to happen, the referendum petition needs valid signatures from 5 percent of registered Castle Rock voters, based on the number of voters registered as of the day the petition was approved for circulation. In this case, that is 1,887 valid signatures.

Now, the Town Clerk will work to verify the signatures. If the petition is sufficient, and the findings are not protested (or are protested, but the protest is resolved and it is found the petition is still sufficient), Town Council must either rescind the ordinance or put it to a public vote. If deemed insufficient – either by the Town Clerk or a protest process – Ordinance No. 2014-03 would go into effect if the final determination of insufficiency is made. Thus, Council’s January decision would go into effect, repealing bans on open carry.

The Town Clerk has 30 days to evaluate the petition and determine whether there are enough valid signatures to move forward. The protest period lasts 40 days. Both counts started Wednesday, when petition representatives Jacob Vargish and Siegfried Guentensberger turned in the signatures.

Source and full story at http://crgov.com/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=733

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By Chan Lowe

Unintended Consequences of Open Carry by Chan Lowe


Lost in the impassioned arguments about the Second Amendment and the right to defend oneself from government and each other is the question of what “open carry” might do to the already fragile fabric of society.

Read more: Unintended Consequences of Open Carry


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